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Dacxi Learn is for people who are new to Crypto Asset investing and want to learn how to get started in a safe and responsible way. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about Bitcoin, wallets, exchanges and how to buy, sell and protect your crypto assets. Knowledge is power! 💪🏼

Introduction to Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency

After completing M1 lessons you'll have a basic understanding of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, their use cases and the risks involved.

What Is Bitcoin?
What are crypto assets?
What are some of the biggest crypto assets?
What is crypto for?
What are the risks in crypto investing?

Dacxi Doesn’t Give Financial Advice

Please understand that you and only you are responsible for your financial decisions. Any or all content posted by Dacxi should not be considered financial advice or a recommendation to buy crypto assets. All content is posted for educational or entertainment purposes only. Before investing in crypto we recommend getting professional financial advice from a registered financial adviser. Everyone has different personal circumstances and investing in crypto assets is not suitable for everyone. Only a professional financial adviser can tell you if crypto investing is appropriate for you.

Don’t Invest More than You’re Prepared to Lose

Crypto Asset investing is inherently risky. The crypto market is new, only partly regulated and there is no central bank or authority to protect the value of any crypto asset. The crypto markets are extremely volatile and susceptible to sudden swings in price. Don’t invest more than you are prepared to lose.