Bitcoin broke through the 10K support band after the hearing on Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency project with the Banking Committee of the United States Senate.

Facebook's Head of Calibra, warned that if the United States fails to act on the issue, the world will eventually see another cryptocurrency that would be controlled by someone else. He said: 

“If our country fails to act, we could soon see a digital currency controlled by others whose values differ radically from ours.”

debate continues...

In the age that we are living in, do you which is the technology causing maximum disruption? It is Artificial Intelligence, as per Gartner’s 2019 CIO Survey. So, it is clear that AI is being adopted and implemented across a plethora of industries. But, there is one thing that is blocking organizations from embracing AI in an optimum fashion which is the lack of suitable talent. There is an insufficient supply of AI engineers and data scientists in the market which is becoming a bottleneck for industries on their way to success.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Hired, Mehul Patel, there is a 38% increase in the demand for competent data engineers along with a 27% enhancement in the demand for smart machine learning engineers, according to the new State of Software Engineer report. 

As a matter of fact, employers are projected to face major challenges while seeking tech geniuses who won a flair for AI and machine learning, hence, there is going to be an intense competition amongst employers when hiring laborious tech experts. Which clearly indicates that this is a golden era for professionals well-versed with contemporary technologies. These developments are propelling companies to offer exorbitant salaries to their Machine learning engineers who are easily earning 20k more than other tech personnel around the globe.

Believe it or not, top-notch firms are going bonkers over AI and are willing to pay big bucks to acquire strong teams of people possessing AI certifications who can help them get a competitive advantage in their industry. A good example of this is McDonald's that ended up paying 300 Million Dollars for Dynamic Yield which is known to be an Artificial Intelligence company that enables other firms to strengthen their customer experience. But, what McDonald's achieved might not be a feasible move to make for other companies.

So what are the other routes to AI implementation? Here are some pragmatic ideas:


Artificial intelligence is taking a leap into multiple industries. Therefore, a myriad of automation tools has come into the picture which is used by startups as well as tech biggies. For instance, Microsoft has conceived a group of systems in order to streamline processes.

Implementing an effective automation platform for data science is the best thing that companies can do to make their data science teams more productive. Automation is the way to simplify tasks that were previously carried out by data scientists which enables important resources of a firm like data engineers, business analysts along with AI engineers to focus on a large-scale project that can simply be rum through GUI operation.

Automation has solved the issue of seeking new talent since most of the data science processes are performed by machines which helps the organizations maintain proficient data science teams at a low cost. But, this is definitely not a universal solution indicating that companies would not need qualified data scientists and AI engineers. To tell the truth, employers will still be in deep need for tech geeks holding AI certification, but at least, automation can ensure that the highly adroit employees do not waste their time mundane and monotonous activities.


 In case, your workforce consists of people who are working as business analysts or have a functional knowledge of big data, they can prove to be eligible candidates for AI certifications that can infuse relevant skills into these employees. Certifications form the most solid avenue to learning Python as well as TensorFlow.

By good fortune, there is a whole line of certifications in that can help your employees delve into the world of AI and machine learning. Moreover, employers can make the smart move of hiring certified AI engineers who can lead big-scale technical projects along with mentoring freshman of the AI field.

Tech giants with sufficient resources can prepare for in-house training which can be conducted in large groups. There must company-wide training sessions and it is only possible when the organizations foster a data-driven culture. It is then that AI will be fully embraced and business leaders shall work hand in hand with data science teams to fulfill the overall objectives of the firm.

Many people talk of Libra and many are confused about what it is and why it is important. 

What makes Libra revolutionary is not its technology. Rather, it is the fact that it represents the privatization of money.

In the traditional money world, a single entity (government) issues the currency. It backs the currency with its full faith AND all the assets and resources under its control. Historically (think gold backing ), it maintains reserves with a variety of assets, including other countries currencies and bonds denominated in these currencies to back its value.

This looks largely the same as Facebooks proposed Libra stable coin offering right? 

What’s both new and special about Libra is that, unlike dollars, pounds, euros or yen, the entity is not a government but a group of some of the world’s largest companies.  

The birth of corporate money by the biggest companies. New technology is just the enabler here.

 A customer on  Binance has sold  7,350 BTC, equivalent to about $92.2 million all in a single order. That was yesterday. Indicative of why volumes are all up across the board....

It's everywhere.

From buying concert tickets to property investments; it even comes about when deciding if to book that holiday to Hawaii during a 24-hour sale.

The uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling that you’re missing out. A phenomenon that nearly three-quarters of young adults reported they've experienced.
The world saw it in the crypto market at the end of 2017.

You guessed it, we're talking about the fear of missing out, or more commonly referred to as 'FOMO'.

But the real question on everyone's mind, is when will be back in crypto? Or is it back already?

Check out Ed Ludbrook - Crypto-Strategist's latest medium article to find out!

Data science is a vastly lucrative and growth-oriented field. Newer opportunities are coming up across industries. Some high-paying job roles make up roles across data science. Demand for talent has been steadily increasing in the industry. You can venture in this field by equipping yourself with data science –related skills. So how do you do that?  

Answer certifications! 

Several data science certifications are available across the globe. You can pursue certifications based on your level of experience and knowledge. As the demand for Big Data talent is expanding, pursuing these certifications can help you become more employable. These certifications are offered by vendor, industrial bodies, and educational institutions. 

Here are some of the prominent ones:   

  1. edX – This certification is provided by Microsoft, as part of Professional Program Certificate in Data Science.  Knowledge of R and Python is a pre-requisite for this certification. Students further learn data exploration, visualization, probability and statistics, and machine learning.
  2. IBM- Data Science Fundamentals 

This program is rebranded as Cognitive Class and covers data science 101, methodology, programming in R and open source tools. 

3. Data Quest

 This is one of the few online course providers in data science. It offers three paths – Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist. This platform offers free access to its courses. To get a hang of the course, you can try these courses. Further, you can opt for premium courses as well.  

4. Coursera – Data Science Specialization 

Coursera offers a data science course in association with John Hopkins University. As part of the course, you learn natural language processing, cluster analysis, programming in R and applications of Machine Learning. There are total of 10 courses as part of the course. 

5. Data Science Council of America 

This credentialing body offers multiple credentials for people with different experience levels. Starting from ABDE, which stands for Associate Big Data Engineer) meant for fresh graduates who are looking to get into Big Data to PDS (Principal Data Scientist) professionals with at least 10 years’ experience in technology space. 

So these are five prominent globally recognized data science certifications. Harvard University and MIT also offer data science courses which cover essential areas such as probability, visualization, inference and modelling, linear regression and machine. As part of the MIT course, learners have opportunity to learn big data analysis and prediction modelling using statistical inference and probabilistic modelling. 

So if you’re looking to get into data science, go for the above courses. Most of them free can help you get started on the path to becoming an in-demand professional in data science. There are paid courses as well. However, if you are just getting started these will give you taste of what’s it like to work in data science. So don’t wait and start learning! Opportunities are on your way. The more you wait, the more you lose.

Keep your eyes on the upcoming Litecoin Halving, which is expected to take place on August 7, 2019 at block height 1,680,000.

It will create excitement and buzz and likely some positive price action

By 2020, a large group of West African countries plan to adopt a single fiat currency called The Eco. 

According to economic analyst, Tokunbo Afikuyomi, “The single currency if properly implemented will improve trade by allowing specific countries to specialize at what they are good at, and exchange it for other goods that other countries in the bloc produce more efficiently,” 

What do you think about the 15 countries that will adopt a single fiat currency by 2020? Do you think this new multi-nation state issued currency will be threatened by cryptocurrencies? 

Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments below!

With a net worth of over $60,000,000,000, Warren Buffett is truly a one-of-a-kind billionaire. 🙏

The legendary investor started out as an ambitious, numbers-obsessed boy from Nebraska and ended up becoming one of the richest and most respected men in the world.

Here are a few of his most famous investing tips that might serve as a handy reminder to you!

Ten years after Bitcoin came on the scene, the general market is starting to realise with a recent big push from Facebook...

that digital money using blockchain technology is coming faster than expected. 😯

This emerging market is already kicking into gear, as it becomes clear to all major players that not only is the digitisation of money on the way, but also digitisation of ownership of assets, a significantly bigger financial market with massive global social and economic implications.

What are your thoughts on this digital transition? How do you think it will impact your daily life? Let us know below!

The leading cryptocurrency by market value has risen to a 17-month high of US$13,770. At that price, it is up by over 43% in only 7 days! 

Experts speculate that the first time Bitcoin breached this level to the upside was in a frenzy of fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) as most of the world was just learning what this new digital asset is all about.

This time, however, the rise seems much more sustainable and the current price more justifiable given the current levels of awareness and adoption.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

The hottest news in the crypto space right now is that the Facebook coin has just been released.

This news is arguably the most important announcement in crypto since the birth of Bitcoin. It will be the declaration that will finally disrupt global banking.

But why? Check out Dacxi CEO Ed Ludbrook's latest article and find out.

It was a great session, filled with lots of informative and exciting discussion surrounding the opportunity on offer.

For everyone who couldn't make here is the recording, feel free to share the Youtube link with people you know who might be interested in learning more!

Have a great day!

The total value of the Crypto market has hit 284bill on

Bitcoin is priced around 9200.

Facebook's project "GlobalCoin" is continuing.

Most major cryptos are exhibiting price strength.

1 million daily active user accounts for Bitcoin. This was last seen in November 2017.

These are great levels for the market to trade sideways and build strength and confidence before the next leg up.

The total value of the Crypto market has hit 284bill on

Bitcoin is priced around 9200.

Facebook's project "GlobalCoin" is continuing.

Most major cryptos are exhibiting price strength.

1 million daily active user accounts for Bitcoin. This was last seen in November 2017.

These are great levels for the market to trade sideways and build strength and confidence before the next leg up.

Have you heard the good news? Dacxi is officially launching in the UK! 

The crypto market is starting to take off, and Dacxi is offering a new affiliate opportunity that will be easy to promote and offer great returns. To celebrate, Dacxi is holding a Q&A webinar hosted by CEO Ed Ludbrook who will explain this exciting opportunity. 

Here are the details : 

- Wednesday, June 19th 2019 

- The webinar will start at 8:00 pm London local time (GMT+1:00) 

- If you want to attend, please make sure you register here. It only takes a few moments!

If you are located outside the UK but know someone living there that might be interested in learning more about Dacxi UK, please feel free to share this link with them. 

The Royal corgies are already onto it, so make sure you don't miss out too! We look forward to seeing you there.

This week, Litecoin’s price hit its highest level in over one year! 🤩

At the time of this post, the world's fourth-largest cryptocurrency has climbed to $134US according to

What price will it reach a year from now? Let us know your prediction below!

What if we told you most crypto payment methods were not worth your time? 🤔

We understand that your time is super precious, and investing in crypto can be a risky business. So, check out our CEO Ed Ludbrook's latest article to better understand the real situation of the current crypto market place, so you can best avoid common rookie-investor traps this coming crypto boom cycle. Enjoy!

Just in case you were wondering whether crypto was still a 'thing'... Watch this! 😃

According to the millionaire cryptocurrency analyst and trader, Oliver Isaacs, the price of bitcoin could break above its all-time high by year-end 2019. 🤔

He told The Independent that more investors are viewing bitcoin as a safe-haven asset in the wake of growing macroeconomic tensions. 

Stating, “I believe bitcoin has the potential to hit $25,000 by the end of 2019 or early 2020. There are multiple drivers behind the recent resurgence. There are geopolitical, technological, and regulatory drivers. The net effect of the trade war between the U.S. and China has led to a sudden interest in bitcoin as a hedge on investments.”

What do you think? Could this happen? Let us know in the comments below!


Portugal’s most popular football team 'S.L. Beneficial' has just become the first major club in Europe to accept cryptocurrency payments for the purchase of its merchandise. 

So far we've seen the football pitch becoming one of the most welcoming groups to crypto and blockchain technology. The popular Portuguese football club are only one of the many European clubs that are betting on financial alternatives to reach new audiences.

How many will join them by the end of 2019? Let us know what you think!

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