In an effort to promote the widespread adoption of crypto, a team of developers have created a wallet that will allow its users to access digital currency services from within their favourite messaging applications such as WhatsApp. 

Users will soon be able to send, receive, trade and perform other tasks relating to crypto assets from applications they are already highly familiar with.

Who's excited?

Apple is launching its own credit card, Apple Card, in the US this summer.

There will be both an iPhone and a physical version of the card, with a cashback incentive on every purchase.

Reportedly, the credit card will have no late fees, annual fees or international fees.

Good for crypto? maybe 


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Bitcoin hit 4080 today.... This means it has broken a short term resistance level(4040)


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Having traded between $3,200 and $4,300 since Dec. 2018, bitcoin’s recent drop in market dominance can be attributed to a strong performance from the broader altcoin market, comprised of all cryptocurrencies excluding bitcoin, rather than any significant depreciation to its own market. Litecoin and BNB Binance coin are examples of coins rising in value and reducing Bitcoin dominance. Green shoots ?

Is proof-of-work too energy intensive and damaging to the environment?

Huge energy consumption in Bitcoin is a requirement, not a bug. It’s by design, not by accident. The only way to make something hard to produce is to make it expensive to produce. 

It is not wasted energy for several reasons.

First, energy in mining is not any more “wasted” than in any other production process for any other good: it’s actually used, not wasted. 

Second, the consumption of energy is likely going to remain lower than historical alternatives (eg  gold extraction).

 Third, entrepreneurs generating PoW to get bitcoins are incentivized to consume less energy for the same computation. Energy is a cost to them so they are always rewarded by increasing optimization and efficiency with new technological breakthroughs or with generation choices that can have a waterfall effect on other energy-consuming industries.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Christchurch during this difficult time. New Zealand may be a small country, but it is incredibly resilient, and we have no doubt it will show the strength of it's community in the wake of this tragedy. We hope that the affected families can find the healing they need. 

Kia Kaha New Zealand, we stand with you and offer our full support during this time of grief. 🙏

Bitcoin has been mostly trading sideways since the beginning of this year - stuck in a trading band that it has not been able to break out of. BTC is reporting a meager 4 percent gain on a year-to-date. Alt coins(the others) are generally the same but there are signs that alts are starting to wake up after a long winter and seller exhaustion. For example, litecoin, the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, is currently up 83.9 percent on a YTD basis. Binance coin (BNB) and holochain (HOT) are up at least 140 percent each, while EOS (EOS) and ontology (ONT) have gained 40 percent and 69 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, both the BTC and USD pairs of LTC, BNB, Tron (TRX) and Maker (MKR) have found acceptance above their respective 200-day moving average (MA) – a widely followed barometer of bull/bear markets. Worth keeping your eyes open on this.

It is often difficult to figure out how the market will react to crypto announcements. 🤔 

IBM has just entered the “Crypto Custodial Market” with an exciting cloud offer for banks and financial services to use. So, what this could mean? Many believe the market is craving a reliable third party that can be trusted for Custodial Services.

We saw Fidelity Investments come forward with their offering a few weeks ago, and now Fidelity’s competition can go to IBM to have their “own similar offer”. It will definitely be interesting to see how people respond in the following months!

 Let us know what you think below. 👇🏼

That stampede you hear in the distance is the sound of unicorns galloping toward the public markets. This year, leading prospects to escape from the private domain are Uber, Lyft, Slack, Postmates, Pinterest and Airbnb – all headquartered in San Francisco. Estimates of Uber’s value on the market have been as high as $120 billion. Airbnb was most recently valued at $31 billion, with Lyft and Pinterest around $15 billion and $12 billion. This anticipated surge of wealth – potentially thousands of millionaires created overnight – is expected to boost a San Francisco real estate market already facing stratospheric prices.

Important News! 📢

The real estate firm in charge of the world’s tallest building wants to develop its own crypto token. The chairman of Emaar Group, one of the United Arab Emirates' largest retail estate developers said the company is "looking to extend the Emaar Experience" adding, "The Emaar community token marks a significant leap in our digital transformation journey.”

This is just another example of how quickly the Crypto Community Token world is expanding. Who will be next? The city of Syndey? The LA Lakers basketball team? 🤔

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Well, if you didn't already know - it was bad news for Visa on Friday, as US retail giant Kroger announced that Visa credit cards will no longer be accepted at its chain of Smith’s food and drug stores. 

A product manager at Kroger tweeted that the company would be interested in setting up a meeting with Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano to discuss accepting Bitcoin in the future. 

If Kroger does start accepting Bitcoin, imagine what this would do for the cryptocurrency space!

Don’t underestimate the value smaller Crypto projects could bring you. They may turn out to be much more profitable than the those with larger issuance. Instead of getting caught up in “hot” ICOs I prefer to look for the smaller, hidden gems.

When it comes to investing in cryptocurrency, knowing the type of investor you are could help you understand which factors to consider when getting started. 🤓

Do you want to see relatively quick asset growth, or are you in it for the long haul? 

Are you going to accept the risks of making a quick impulse decision, or do you need more time to think it over? 

Read our latest medium article to find out your crypto investment style and let us know in the comments! 😉 

The upgrades have been activated on the ethereum blockchain.

So far so good and no problems noted

The two upgrades are known as Constantinople and St. Petersburg, 

As background, before any system-wide upgrade, or hard fork, miners and node operators are required to install new client software that automatically updates at the exact same block number. This prevents two concurrent and incompatible versions of the same blockchain from splitting the wider network.

Four improvements will result from the upgrade.

Google it if this is of interest

Blockchain a pretty big and complicated concept. I will try to explain it. If you compare Google Sheets vs. Traditional Spreadsheets then this is a simple example Traditionally spreadsheets, much like transactional ledgers, exist in one place. They might be on a person’s computer but they never exist in more than one place at once. Any changes can be made on that computer, and changes made need to be resent or communicated to all relevant parties. Any party with the spreadsheet can change the data at will and it may become confusing as to which data is correct. Google Sheets on the other hand exist in multiple places all at the same time. They live in the cloud and everybody who has access to them can see any changes that are made in real time and authority to change can be assigned/limited. Blockchain is more like Google Sheets than a traditional spreadsheet, but with added security. Unlike Google Sheets–which can be edited by anyone with access–once an entry gets made in blockchain it both gets distributed over a diverse network (somewhat similar to the way Google Sheets works) and then gets locked in. The entry can’t be changed once it resides in its particular block. This means that entries that are put into a blockchain are incredibly secure. They can’t be changed or manipulated and a permanent record is kept of all changes in the blockchain Because of this level of security, blockchain––which is the underlying technology of Bitcoin– it is starting to be used for many new applications. One of those applications is business funding. More on this later
Markets always go up and down and early stage markets are no exception. Volatility is high. Bitcoin is ten years old so the doubters would have to say that this is a reasonable amount of time to survive and thrive. It has moved from zero (launch)to $20,000 and is now at $3800. If you bought at 20,000 you are angry and disillusioned about now. But even if a little shaken you would have to say that zero to 3800 is impressive. Market cap is around 70 billion. Bitcoin has proved itself a stayer over ten years and holds considerable value. So the question is where too next. up, down or sideways. My estimate is sideways until faith is restored in the markets through regulatory certainty and institutional adoption and then a considerable lift.

If you look at public blockchains, such as those of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), these are accessible and joined by anyone

Private blockchains represent a permissioned network with access controls that restrict who can join, meaning that they operate as a centralized database system.

The new concept of private blockchains completely miss this point.

The distributed ledger provides for transparency and no control by any one group or player. 

In my opinion, these private blockchains will need massive scale to succeed and never reach mass adoption. They will be niche products at best

Public Blockchains will win  every time

Who will drive the crypto boom cycle in 2019? 🤔

Read Ed Ludbrook's most recent Medium article to find out!

The fastest growing sector of the world’s economy is ‘crowd-sourced’ money. 

At under $300bn, it is still less than 0.1% of the world’s wealth, though its potential impact in transforming the wealth and lifestyle of the masses and powering new innovation and jobs, is obvious. 

Like all technological revolutions, it is growing in strategic waves. We have already seen a pioneer wave that established the concept across the world, and now a simple innovation is about to unleash the full potential of this sector, producing massive new opportunities for all. 

Welcome to the new age of crowd finance.

Bitcoin’s price briefly climbed back above $4,000 on Saturday for the first time in over two months as the broader cryptocurrency market flashed green. It has subsequently dropped back to 3950, so 4000 is likely to be the key resistance level for a while.

It will be a challenge to break through this level but if it does then more upside is likely.  Looking for 4000 to become the support level in the coming weeks.

Positively, current figures still represent a decent ( 10%+)percent increase since the beginning of the month.

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