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What is Dash?

Dash is shorter for "digital cash". If you are new to cryptocurrencies, you may not know that this project was once called "Dark coin", but later rebranded itself for a friendlier image.

Dash is a widely traded and used coin that has the Bitcoin technology at its heart, but with some additions that turn it into a faster, cheaper and more convenient form of "internet money".

Why Dash is Different?

Dash offers an option to send funds that obscures the parties participating in the transaction. Previously, this function was called "Dark Send", and rebranded to "Private Send". At the moment, most cryptocurrencies have a public profile of transactions and anyone can research the blockchain data and possibly connect transactions to an online profile.

With Dash, this is much more difficult, with a constantly evolving privacy mechanism. And since digital coins are all about freedom and privacy, Dash is an interesting choice.

Dash Markets Itself

Dash has a dedicated marketing and educational team that is constantly setting up meetings to educate the public. Since most people are yet unaware of what exactly a digital coin can do, the work of the Dash team is beneficial to all coins, but especially Dash.

Dash is Evolving

Dash is evolving due to a well-funded team of developers. Its main purpose is to ensure its network scales for future demand.

Dash is also expanding its network with more miners joining every day for much better cryptographic security. A network of nodes verifies the transactions, and soon a minor network of smaller witness nodes. Witness nodes are very important for the Dash network. To own a Master Node, one needs 1000 DASH coins- a significant investment, as high as half a million dollars at current prices. Owning a node means rewards for verifying the network.

A minor node would require owning 100 DASH, still a significant investment.

For the rest of the users, Dash constantly works to supply an agile and user-friendly wallet that resembles a bank account. The company is also working on human-readable addresses, instead of the alpha-numeric strings that now confuse users and sometimes lead to funds being sent to wrong addresses.

Dash is Still Mostly Undiscovered

The advantage of Dash is that it is well-known around the cryptocurrency world, but not so well known for newcomers. And the coin has all the right attributes to become a widely adopted way of sending value over the internet.

As more users are lining up to test Dash, which is not only available through mobile and desktop wallets, but also through various card services, it is necessary to choose a straightforward market like DACXI and claim your DASH coins to prepare for the future of digital currency.

Dash is Still Affordable

Dash may be a rather affordable investment, as it rarely fluctuates as much as Bitcoin. Its growth and trading is smoother, and it may offer returns on investment with a more predictable pace. DACXI is an ideal place to test the waters- just remember that cryptocurrencies habitually fluctuate more compared to stocks, bonds or foreign currencies.

Dash grows as the digital currency market grows- with a price climb from a few dollars in 2016 to more than $500 at the end of 2017. The bull market in Dash, Bitcoin and others is still a wild bet, but owning a coin or two may be a good addition to an investment portfolio.

Dash is Exciting

Dash has shown it can survive and line up among the top dogs in digital coins- no small feat with thousands of new coins appearing all the time. Dash has been around since 2014, an eternity in a rather young industry. Dash has proven itself a survivor and is worth looking at for the future.

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