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The TenX Project and Crypto Coin

Virtual currencies are exciting, but what is even more exciting is to be able to carry them and spend them anywhere. That is where the TenX project wants to go, and make its PAY token the go-to digital coin for the ordinary user.

TenX will combine a series of payment means into one smooth ecosystem, joining users, businesses and developers to create the payment solutions of the future, using the power of the blockchain.

What is PAY?

PAY is the ERC-20 token sent out in the ICO to fuel the building of TenX. It allows investors old and new to bet on the project and its development. PAY is an agile digital token operating over the Ethereum network. This means that TenX allows for payments relying on smart contracts, for things such as regular payments, daily limits and other forms of fee processing.

Holders of PAY tokens are incentivized with Ethereum for every transactions. And holders of the TenX card receive a reward every time they use the card, but in PAY tokens. Thus, the PAY token is much more than a speculative asset, but is essential to the TenX ecosystem and its growing user base.

What TenX Promises

TenX is already offering cards based on several leading crypto coins, available in 50 countries. There is some competition from other similar products, but TenX is one of the well-known card options with a robust community.

Owners of the TenX card have access to Bitcoin, but a few other products are already in beta mode: Ethereum and Dash, as well as ERC-20 tokens. With the system of TenX, all of those coins or tokens would get one step closer to mainstream adoption.

TenX Has a Great Team

Operating a glitch-free system of payments takes dedicated talent- and TenX has gathered all the right people. The current version of the TenX card would be expanded with more features and assets in the months to come.

In the meanwhile, the team of TenX works to make the smart contracts safe and secure.

TenX was founded by Toby Hoenisch and Dr. Julian Hosp, and the rest of the team includes experts in machine learning, AI, blockchain technologies, as well as marketing and business development. The TenX company has received recognition and earned the support of PayPal and CitiGroup  and partners with them as part of their effort to promote startups.

In short, TenX is on the cutting edge of financial technology, riding the wave of easier payments and instant move from fiat to cryptocurrencies. Established in Singapore, the company has the backing of investors like ICH and Fenbushi Capital.

TenX is Exciting

The PAY token not only pays dividends and rewards, but it is becoming more visible and more actively traded by the day. In the fall of 2017, increased interest in crypto coins also spilled over to TenX and boosted 24-hour volumes.

Picking up DACXI to take up positions with PAY may mean robust price gains in the future. TenX has been around for a short while, but it has managed to get the attention of the community.

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