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Mike Novogratz: Institutions Will Get Into Bitcoin in Q1-Q2 2019 Bringing ‘New Highs’

The next six months will see a Bitcoin investment push after a delay…

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A lot of crypto fans and investors are now worried about continuous bearish trend for Bitcoin price and other cryptocurrencies this year 2018. And now beginning to doubt  their initial commitment to the Bitcoin ecospace. A lot of people have forgetting the core idea behind the invention of Bitcoin. Most of us have forgetting that Bitcoin was created to challenge the established FIAT system where money can be printed without control and no regards for inflation.

This is entirely not the fault of most of us but it is because of the Bull run Bitcoin has enjoyed so far especially in 2017 where price reaches as high as $20,000. We all got greedy and forgot about the initial ideals behind bitcoin. We all want to cash in the same Fiat currency bitcoin is trying to challenge. This in my opinion is one of the reason why bitcoin price fell this year. We do not fully trust the crypto space yet.

Bitcoin is here to stay and will remain dominant for the future and I still consider it as the most secured investment in this digital age after gold. Below are some of the reasons why I think Bitcoin is a safe investment

1. Bitcoin has already achieved mass adoption though this is subjective . A lot people will now accept bitcoin payment without worrying about how to exchange it.
2. Bitcoin is limited in supply , only 21 Million Bitcoin can ever be created. Out of which 4 million is already lost making it 17 Million.
3. Bitcoin remains dominant in the coinmarketcap with 55% of the entire marketcap
4. Bitcoin current price is still higher than what it is this same time last year

Please I will appreciate if anyone can add reason why they think Bitcoin is a safe investment.

Money is not at all safe in cryptocurrency, There are so many hackers around here who's only business is hack a wallet of bounty hunters to get money without doing anything.

I would like to try myself in bounty programs, any advice how i find good BOUNTY, and how do i know the ICO has good bounty program and it is not scam? Thanks in advance

Why people still believe that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is better than Bitcoin (BTC)?
We know that BCH came from BTC forking, why should we believe that the duplicate one is better than the one created from scratch?

What do you guys think?

If I wanted to set up a small investment portfolio in crypto, that would bear a decent medium term gain, what would be the best way forward?

How can I know if a particular exchange is less likely to be hacked? What should I look out for? Thank you.

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Different types of coins can be offered in an ICO – Dacxi is offering the world’s first community coin.

It is the decision of the investor to choose which crypto currency they would like to invest in. As with the purchasing of stocks or any other asset, it is important to take both potential advantages and risks into consideration before making this choice. As crypto currencies fluctuate with the market, what might be a reliable investment at one time may not be sound at another.

Cryptocurrency is digital currency used for fast, secure, low-cost payments without the need for a central authority or processor. Cryptocurrencies are stored and sent electronically from digital wallets.

Do exchanges charge a lot as fees? How can find out how much I'll pay in fees? Thank you! 

It's so interesting to see the real world practical of blockchain tech even if it is mostly speculative at this point. 

Found this cool video that delves into this a bit more:

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