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           The crypto exchange business has seen a massive growth from the beginning of 2017 with some crypto currencies massive growth and the industry gain a massive attraction from set of peoples who doesn't believe in digital currency before that time. With attention from media houses, news channel, journalist and many more people start making inquiry and start believing in crypto currency. Already  existing exchanges all did upgrade due to massive registration to their platform from all around the world. Also there was need to put in more security in place as security in safe guarding digital asset is very important.


           Until now the market is made up of two types of exchanges which are trader design exchanges and wallet exchanges. Traders designed exchanges are designed for traders while wallet exchange is for investors to just keep their assets till they are ready to convert to fiat (cash). The problem is that this exchanges as not designed to support mainstream retail investors as many  did not believe in crypto currency with much hope in the start. And the existing exchanges are designed base on the fear of the people when crypto started and the data available to them then. But is obvious the market is healthy now and people are investing into crypto with much hope and believe and the exchange volume of users numbers have increased dramatically, driven by the 20x increase in the crypto asset market cap.

There are arise the need to have a exchange that's simple and easy to use , couple with a strong community that give traders and investors the support and confidence they need. This platform will provide engaging content, discussion and learning resources. The combination of this two elements bring to life a new category; Community Exchanges.

DACXI ( Digital Assets Community Exchange International ) is the first mover of this type of community exchange , having launch having launched a public beta of both a simple, user friendly exchange, and a community with content and full functionality for retail-investors support in June 2018.

DACXI has also added a third platform called Crypto-Venture Capital. DACXI believes the most effective community exchanges provide a complete eco-system.


                 DACXI EXCHANGE
The DACXI exchange is a next generation crypto assets with a focus on providing an element, user-friendly and secure exchange experience to investors.

1. Customer experience: DACXI will focus on customer acquisition and retention by offering a best in class crypto exchange customer experience.
2. Fiat to crypto-banking: DACXI has secured global banking services to accept inbound / outbound from global users in five currencies i.e EUR, GBP, CHF, USD and PLN and payment can be made using card payment. This give DACXI a edge over other exchanges as exchanges offering fiat to crypto are rare.
3. High level of exchange features: direct bank deposit in EUR and withdrawal to users via bank / wire transfer
4. Security: DACXI make use of new technology to make sure the exchange will be save for investors and traders.

                           DACXI COMMUNITY

        DACXI community empowers its member to become a successful crypto investors and traders by offering a learning opportunities and support to member at each stage of their journey.

                             THE DAC COIN
          Exchange coin listed by leading crypto exchanges have delivered significant upside to investors. The naturally drive liquidity. Binance, kucoin, CoinMetro, IDEX are example of exchanges that have their own coin and it's been traded against every other coin or token on such exchange which will increase demand.



         The team is managed by experienced CEO / CFO who has good knowledge of the crypto currencies market and network marketing. He has managed the billion dollar operations of major international companies. Generally, the team is made up of people who know what they are doing and can handle all the tasks and jump all the hurdle that are ahead.



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Writer: Damilola Toluwase 

Writer email: [email protected]

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