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It's not just Euro and Crypto, we also accept credit cards! Now that's cool.😎💳

Here's Katy with more details, and of course you can dive over to Dacxi.com to try it out for yourself.

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Here's David and Angela, who you might know as two of our awesome customer service legends, with our daily reminder to

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Complete the KYC verification and you can use Fiat to buy or sell crypto.

BTW, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at about USD7,350
This means with USD 73.50 you can buy 0.01 BTC


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Be the first to try the new @DacxiExchange with for the first month, you can trade the you want  anytime anywhere! 


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Here’s our big announcement! 😱

We want to demonstrate our belief in crypto by offering DAC Coin via our ICO at the Bitcoin exchange rate of US$10,000! 

Details: https://dacxi-ico.com 

La idea del Bitcoin nacio como una solución al sistema financiero actual. Pero imaginen un lugar donde todos adopten la tecnología, no por su costó, si no por lo que aporta a la humanidad

Para eso, necesitamos educar y enseñar a los demás que Bitcoin es la herramienta que nos regresa el poder de elección 

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La psicodelia es una manifestación de la mente y el alma 

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