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The Atlanta government was the victim of a ransomware attack over a week ago, with the hackers asking for $51k ransom in Bitcoin. Still no word on whether Atlanta have paid the ransom or unlocked the system.

Supposedly the identity of the hackers is known so hopefully they can't run far.


Happy International Women's day! Very cool email from Coinmama yesterday, offering a $10 discount for the ladies .


Not sure of the exact benefit of holding the Jesus Coin, but it sure as heck makes for a funny read!




I was having a conversation with an accountant friend of mine and they’re doing for a client who has crypto in their Super Fund.

We talked about how to handle events such as a hard fork (share split? ETH & ETC) and how to treat bonus coins (dividend?). Should coins be treated as a capital asset? Anyone have thoughts, info or experience on how crypto can be translated to the world of tax?

Anyone in interested in going? ICO this Thursday in town @6.30pm from the NZ Blockchain Association.

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