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Anyone else feel like this about their crypto after the past week?

Its refreashing to hear that not all Bitcoin is spent on lambos.. 😂🙌🏻

Probably the most accurate trading advice I've received all day 😂


So recently I was advised by a trusted colleague to invest in the Chinese coin NEO (‘trusted’ NO LONGER). It was my first time using a crypto exchange and thought it would be a fantastic idea to completely ignore the advice of my fellow traders and decide for MYSELF how much I was going to purchase each ‘NEO’ coin for (which happened to be 3 times its price at the time). Conveniently, it then decided to plummet by 30% 8 hours later. Moral of the story kids: unless you enjoy being poor - don’t come to me for trading lessons.

What do you think are the most exciting reasons to become involved in digital currencies, and what motivates you to continue embracing this technology? 


I'm curious to know what the true value of investing in crypto is, and why it has become so popular? 

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