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If you think things are getting bad for the USD , think again! The USD bond market is being swamped with USD and this is going to have a DRAMATIC affect in US securities, Fiat currency and ultimately the whole US economy!!! 

When there is a FLOOD of currency in the market the VALUES reduces and inflation skyrockets!!! Trade wars, housing markets crashing, car sales at rock bottom, increasing loan defaults! Things do not look good for the USD, self preservation into Crypto is the ONLY answer in a FIAT currency CRASH!!! 

Storing your wealth out of the clutches of a failing economy is the key to coming through the days ahead unscathed!!! Congrats to the prepared, now to save the rest of our family and friends !!! 

Stay true to your direction, help those uneducated to avoid saying in 12 months time "I wish I did something!."

There is some good info about the BIG financial BUBBLE POPPING!!!!! Hope you have an exit plan in place to protect your assets!!!

Can you feel it? All the awake people have taken action! 

Gold stocks are nearly fully allocated? Silver is about to move. Banks are crashing, Governments are going broke, People are relocating globally for a better life! 

Personal Cryptocurrency is the ONLY option for you to spend value into the future where the system will control EVERYTHING! If you are in the system they will tell you how much and when you can spend your money. The policy makers will even strip your wealth to prop up the apparent Government debt. 

There are so many signs in the financial markets, protect yourself from being robbed! 

We were overdue 8 years ago, this time they (Central Banks) are going to do a proper job of it! 

OPEN you eyes, look for the smart people, ask for help. LEARN and TAKE ACTION! 

POWER up you FIAT currency with Crypto,

Invest in ICO's , trade crypto. Talk to the vendor, explain the benefits of crypto, purchase the property, WIN WIN for everyone!!! 

This is happening more an more . WHY not to you as well!

Congratulations to those that are prepared!

Now the real work is to be done, saving as many people as possible!!!

Crypto will be affected for sure, the important thing to remember is for us it will be a POSITIVE! 

This 5 minute video will put a BIG smile on your face!

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