Introducing Generation Crypto

If you’re born in 2018 you’ll never use paper money.

Baby Boomers: 1946 – 1964

Generation X: 1965 – 1977

Millennials: 1978 – 1995

Generation Y: 1996 – 2017

Generation CRYPTO: 2018 -

The year is 2018. Donald Trump is the current president. Every day it becomes increasingly likely that Kanye West will be the next. Jet-packs are not yet ubiquitous but self-driving electric cars are. Our private living spaces are being invaded by emergent new alien life forms that come with names like Alexa and Siri. One day soon they will become sentient. 

Welcome to 2018. Newly created humans born in this year and beyond can be best understood as Generation Crypto. Cash money. C.R.E.A.M. Dollar dollar bills y’all. That shit is over. They will grow up a world where cash or paper money is phased out. Gradually, and then suddenly. Cash was king but in a digital world cash is no longer relevant. Traditionally there are precisely two use-cases for cash. Small, micro transactions such as buying coffee or tipping waiters. That’s one valid use case for cash. The second? Buying black market goods or paying for any transaction that you don’t want your family, government or bank to know about. Any other transaction you can use your credit card or bank account.

This is all about to change. As blockchains start to scale, and new technology such as the Lightning network on Bitcoin starts to mature, crypto micro transactions will become trivial. So trivial that it won’t make any difference whether you’re paying for your coffee or tipping your waiter in person or paying someone on the other side world to upgrade your particle oscillator communication device or micro-tipping someone online to thank them for being a good host in your VR world of choice. Payments for anything, big or small, will simply be more efficient on the blockchain. And banks? They just won’t be needed.

Those more delicate payments we mentioned? The ones you’d like to keep discrete and anonymous? Those will be facilitated by the next generations of the privacy orientated cryptocurrencies of today such as Monero, Dash and Zcash. The future is likely to be abundant in all kinds of vice, both physical and virtual. Vice means big business and the privacy cryptocurrencies of the future will be vast, unhackable and untraceable. 

The transition to this blockchain powered future is already underway. Look around and the signs are obvious. You might have noticed that teenagers, who have never known a world where it’s possible to not be online and constantly connected, are increasingly intolerant to incompetence and inefficiency. 

The old ways make no sense to them. This generation are spearheading the growing wave of digital banks that exist in the digital realm only. They have no staff, just a series of algorithms and AIs that have become so ruthlessly efficient it isn’t possible to tell if they are human or not. The Turing test? It has been passed.

Welcome then to Generation Crypto. The generation that will disrupt everything. Politics as usual is dying. Generation crypto will tokenise the world. Democrats and Republicans will be made irrelevant. Trump is the first wave of this. Kanye will be next. This is inevitable. Generation Crypto will ICO themselves into an overwhelming, unstoppable politically charged and culturally devasting tsunami of exponential change. Democracy itself will be put on the blockchain and for the first time in human history decision makers will be forced to have skin in the game. Generation Crypto is here and nothing will be the same again. 

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